Professionally Installed Electric Water Systems

The Master Flush Plumbing team are professional experts whom you can trust. We offer friendly and reliable hot water plumbing servicing to Sydney’s residential and commercial plumbing needs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Types of Electric Hot Water Systems

There are two main types of electric hot water systems these are;Electric storage hot water systems

  • Electric storage hot water systems
  • Electric Instantaneous and continuous flow hot water systems

There are a range of electric hot water systems on the market. The team at Master Flush

Plumbing are happy to come out and inspect your space and provide you with professional advice on which electric hot water systems would be the best options for your space.

Electric Storage Hot Water Systems

Electric Storage hot water systems consists of an insulated storage tank, usually where hot water is stored and heated ready to be used. They heat water in a similar way to an electric kettle. Yet the stored water keeps at a continuous temperature of at 60-80°C. Unlike Gas hot water systems Electric storage water systems run at a higher water pressure

Electric Instantaneous and Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

Alike gas heated water systems these types of hot water systems heat water on demand.

They provide a steady flow of hot water each time a tap is turned on. Instantaneous and continuous flow electric water systems require a higher electric power input. In some high hot water usage commercial sites three phase power is required. In most domestic use situations single phase power is adequate.

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