Professional Gas Fitting

Master Flush Plumbers are licenced plumbers and gas fitters. The potential dangers of gas fitting configurations requires hot water system need to be installed by licensed plumbing

experts. The Master Flush’s Plumbing team are professional, licensed plumbers for all gas installations, gas fitting, gas inspections, gas hot water repairs, hot water leaks, and hot water pipeline repairs.

Types of Gas Hot Water Systems

There are two main types of gas hot water systems these are;

  • Gas storage hot water systems
  • Gas Instantaneous and continuous flow hot water systems

Given the wide range of available Gas Hot Water Systems on the market. The team at Master Flush Plumbing are happy to come out and inspect your space and advise you on which type of gas hot water system and configuration would be the best options for your residence or commercial space.

Gas Storage Hot Water Systems

Storage gas hot water systems use a gas burner located underneath the storage tank to heat the water. These systems generally have a continuously burning pilot flame which ignites the main gas burner when it is required.

Heat form the gas burner underneath the storage cylinder is transferred to the stored water. Storage hot water systems have an average water capacity of around 90 to 300 litres.

Instantaneous and Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

These types of hot water systems do not require storage tanks. They only heat the required amount of water that is being used. As they do not continually heat stored water, there is no heat loss from the storage tank and so can offer great energy and cost savings.

These systems heat the water via a gas burner which starts up when a hot water tap is turned on. The water flow is slowed as it moves through a coiled pipe “a heat exchanger” which is heated by a gas burner. The slowing of the flow is to allow enough time for heating. Instantaneous and continuous flow hot water systems supply hot water at a much lower water pressure than storage systems.

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