Professionally Installed Solar Hot Water Systems

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Solar Hot Water Systems

A solar hot water system is a great way to harness free sunshine, save energy and money and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. A well installed solar hot water system can provide up 50-90% of your hot water needs.

Solar Hot Water System Booster

Our team recommended installing a solar hot water system in combination with a dedicated continuous flow unit. These configurations are either gas or electric and ensure there will always be a continuous hot water output even on cloudy or rainy days when the solar panels are receiving a low solar input.

The booster heating unit activates when the water temperature gets below the thermostat setting. The booster will automatically turn off when the temperature of the water reaches the thermostat setting.

Types of Solar Hot Water Systems

There are two most common types of solar hot water systems;

Close-Coupled Thermosiphon Systems – Roof Mounted

Close-coupled thermosiphon systems have both the solar collector panels and the storage tank together located on the roof. These systems are ideal if you are upgrading from a gravity fed hot water system which is in the roof. Very little plumbing is required to install the new system. Close coupled systems eliminate the need for a pump.

Split Systems -

These systems position the water storage tank at ground level. The water storage tank is not as exposed to the elements. The choice of solar hot water system is dependent on a number of things such as roof space, structural capacity to support a water tank at full capacity and aesthetics. Split systems require a pump.

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